Client Requisitions

Purchases are made on behalf of clients in certain circumstances. Agencies need to track requests, approvals and procurement by client in order to effectively determine service costs.

Matrix Client Requisitions Feature

The Case Summary Requisition screen is used to enter in requests for financial assistance on behalf of clients from the Case Summary screen. Requisition based requests can be of the type:

  • Essential Financial Assistance
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Emergency Fund Program
  • Camp Subsidy Program
  • Foster Parent Expenses
  • Child in Care Accounts Payable
  • Adoption Subsidy
  • Kinship Services Expenses
  • ECM Expenses

The Case Summary Requisition screen will allow entering requests for the above programs. The case worker will select the type of assistance required. Based on the type selected and criteria entered rules apply that will determine the maximums allowed. Maximums are determined by the rules maintained in the various program administration screens and are dynamic. The maximum amounts are predetermined and displayed to workers prior to the requested amounts are entered.

Workers are able to enter in amounts that exceed the maximum amounts in which case they may be subject to additional approval. Exceeded maximum requests are to be approved per line item. During the approval a supervisor\approver will be able to adjust the requested amount per line item.

Home Screenshot
This is a screenshot of the Matrix Client Requisition Screen.