No Software to Deploy

The Matrix is a web based application. No software has to be deployed on workstations in your agency. Users can access the system securely from the office or from home with a web browser. Critical information is instantly accessible to authorized case workers within an agency, in the field or working from home via a web browser. Information entered into the system is instantly accessible to case workers, supervisors, directors and administrators allowing people to make crucial decisions based on real time information.

Agencies that have implemented the Matrix solution have achieved significant benefits and the system has been very well received in the locations. Benefits from the Matrix implementations include:

  • Increased client contact time and enhanced worker effectiveness
  • More effective allocation of agency resource
  • Increased standardization of processes across the agency
  • Increased ability to adapt to change quickly and at a reduced cost
  • Reduced administrative burden and duplicate data entry
  • Improved reporting capability
  • Improved data integrity