Transportation and Visitation Requirements

CAS agencies often deal with families that need a safe place to visit and access to dependable transportation. These services are necessary for families to reunite and continue their progress allow their planned service pathway, and ensures that family members arrive on schedule and safely.

Transportation and Visitation Features

Within the Matrix application, there are many features that facilitate requests, scheduling and volunteer management. These features include:

  • Real Time Requests
  • Easily Accessible Schedules and Calendars
  • Volunteer Management

Real Time Requests

The Matrix application allows workers to immediately notify the administrators of transportation and visitation of their request. The request is moved in real time to a queue of transportation/visitation where an administrator can assign, cancel or put a ride on hold. This information can be reported on so that the agency can follow trends per family.

Home Screenshot
This is a screenshot of the Matrix Transportation Request Screen.
Home Screenshot
This is a screenshot of the Matrix Transportation Request Administration Screen.

Easily Accessible Schedules and Calendars

Schedules and calendars in the Matrix were designed for people to print and review. This allows for workers supervising drivers to print out detailed schedules in real time at any point. Matrix also supports a touch screen interface to access personal schedules using a PIN number provided by the agency.

Home Screenshot
This is a screenshot of the Matrix Staff Schedule Screen.

Volunteer Management and Scheduling

Matrix captures all volunteer information, from their car make and model, to the record checks that need to be performed. The Matrix keeps track of all past activity with clients so that the workers assigning volunteers to drives can see if the volunteer has a rapport with the client or if another volunteer should be used. Matrix keeps track of the inventory that the volunteer might have required (e.g. child seat, etc..), as well as all training that the volunteer has done. The Matrix also tracks rooms and their belongings so that on visitation, the room has what is required.

Home Screenshot
This is a screenshot of the Matrix Volunteer Information Screen.