VSI MATRIX Product Overview

Matrix is a modern, web based application that has been designed by front-line social workers and managers in Children's Aid Societies. It is fully compliant with ministry regulations for child welfare and provides automated support for virtually every aspect of case work and reporting.

Matrix allows workers to securely access and maintain all child protection cases, recordings and services within an agency. Critical information is instantly accessible to authorized case workers within an agency, in the field or working from home via a web browser or mobile device. Information entered into the system is instantly accessible to case workers, supervisors, service directors and administrators allowing people to make crucial decisions based on real time information.

Agencies that have implemented the Matrix solution have achieved significant benefits and the system has been very well received at the locations. Benefits from the Matrix implementations include:

The Matrix is very capable feature rich enterprise level solution for your case management and administrative needs. The centralized nature of the Matrix significantly reduces administration, data redundancy and the amount of time required for employees to complete their day to day tasks leading to increased worker productivity and increased client face to face time. The productivity increase in addition to the cost savings from reduced dependency on paper based systems lead to a rapid return on investment.

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